About Miss Minichiello.

Miss Minichiello
Photo by Kim Roseberry of www.she-driven.com

Miss Minichiello – About Me


Miss Minichiello, first name CaSandra, is a writer, global travel (check out: Girls Gone Abroad), entrepreneur and artist who calls Atlanta her “home base”.

She also believes she can break dance, but she cannot. After dabbling with various styles, she recently discovered her love of abstract painting and photorealism.

She uses her travel photography to inspire most of her abstract pieces.

As far as photo realism, so far she has focused only on animals and owls are her favorite subject!  When she’s not painting, she is busy collaborating with fellow artist friend NT.

She likes to play on the trapeze and her favorite drink is a margarita diet coke and coconut rum (with a lime).

And just in case you are asked one night during a trivia game at your local bar, here are 4 things about Miss Minichiello that you should know:

Miss Minichiello
Her favorite wine is riesling, but its gotta be the cheap stuff – such as Barefoot.






Miss Minichiello Pop Rocks

She stole a packet of Pop Rocks from a grocery store when she was 4, but she didn’t get away with it. Her dad found the packet and brought her back into the store to return it and he made her apologize. He’s an awesome dad. I have never stolen another thing except for that turtle that one time.





CaSandra in ArabicShe really wants to learn Arabic.






About Miss MinichielloShe has an odd fascination with laundromats overseas. She looks forward to washing her clothes and watching other people. Her favorite laundromat was in Amsterdam, across the street from a sex shop and coffee shop and that’s all we’re going to say about that.




If you made it this far, THANK you for checking me (the page) out!