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I Sell on Etsy

I Sell on Etsy

Hi. My name is CaSanda and I love Etsy.

Now you say….”Welcome, CaSandra.”

Sounds like I am an addict, but I’m not. Well. Maybe a little.

If you love shopping and you love  unique, handmade gifts that you have either spent endless hours browsing Etsy or you have spent tons of money on Etsy. Anytime I am trying to shop for my awesome, eclectic daughter, who will one day get her blog updated, I am  clicking the buy button on one of these awesome shops. I have found some really cool things from scarves that have sloths printed on them  to cute, blue camel prints such as this one from my fellow artist friend, Lexi.

However you decide to spend your time on the site, it is awesome and I have decided to start selling some items on Etsy so I can be part of the “hand-made, one-of-a-kind creator of things you really need” community.

So the next time you are spending money or time on Esty, stop by and check out my shop!

Thanks for visiting,

Yours truly in Etsy land…~ CaSandra



CaSandra Minichiello
<p>A human trying to cope with the Gemini curse.</p>
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