Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Whoa! What a turn-out! Thank you for all those who attended my first art exhibition with NT!

To be honest, I avoided NT’s request to collaborate for about a month. Persistence finally paid off since I agreed to do the show with her!

An awesome experience. The process of hanging up our art pieces was pretty amazing, too. The Granite Room is a neat place located in Castleberry Hill, Atlanta. Neither one of us was sure how to fill the blank white walls – but thankfully, NT’s aunt and Tenga were able to help us! The walls filled up with lots of colors, lines and abstractism (is this a word?). Our 2 styles looked great on display and I look forward to collaborating again. Special thanks to those who bought a piece of art work or one of my travel photos. Truly an honor knowing that my art is hanging on walls across the country and currently have pieces on their way to Australia!

Shout out to Wesley Caldwell for catering and Tenga Schieber of Atlanta Team Realty for sponsorship!




CaSandra Minichiello
<p>A human trying to cope with the Gemini curse.</p>
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