Miss Minichiello.

Hi! This is my personal website so if you are looking for something “professional”, LinkedIn is more appropriate.

I paint abstracts on canvas and wood using acrylic paint. I am inspired by abstract artist, Gerhard Richter and street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. If you want to know more about me, you can click on my “About Me” page

I also like paint animals such as this tiger below or if you send me a picture of your doggie or cat, I can paint that, too. I wish someone would send me a picture of their parrot!!!!! 

Acrylic Painting - White Tiger
Acrylic Painting – White Tiger
Custom Painting – Johnny the Pug

A palm reader once told me that I am trying to live too many lives in one. She was right! Possibly the curse (or blessing) of being a Gemini?

Either way, I do most things to entertain myself, including creating this Miss Minichiello website. If others enjoy or find humor in my life, my art, my blogs – great! If you don’t like what you see, read, etc. – even better!

This means you have an opinion  and you thought enough to critique my work. Good and bad opinions are always welcome because after all, art is subjective.


2 more sites for you to check out:
Aerial 51 Apparel
A51_horizontalOnly an aerialist would understand...Aerial 51 Apparel graphic t-shirts and tanks for those who love aerial and circus arts! Yes, sometimes I come up with a quirky design for a t-shirt. I love t-shirts and I think we should wear t-shirts (and jeans) all day, every day. The dress code for life should be “casual”. I have just a few t-shirt designs for sale, but many in my head….and in process.

Like my page on Facebook please!: https://www.facebook.com/Aerial51Apparel/


Girls Gone Abroad
10/4/2016 – Newly launched! I believe the name says it all! This has been an idea for awhile and now a reality. Very excited to launch Girls Gone Abroad.  3 girls and one big world. Girls Gone Abroad shares travel tips and stories for women who travel in a group or solo. Keep an eye on the site for the latest blogs!

Girls Gone Abroad
Girls Gone Abroad